Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tra la la Tra li li

Time is flying so fast, it is just like yesterday that I held my little one tightly in my arms, and now she has completed her 8th months and able to stands and grabs anything that interest her.

Last time i spoken to my hubby that she will run after our house maid "Shanti’s"' mopping bucket whenever she cleans and mops the house. In a second after I spoke and put her down on the floor, she crawled to the bucket to play with the water.:D

Anyway, now the weather in Mumbai has getting hot and hotter... plus humid and not to mention that summer has just begun...and I wanted to buy some summer dress/tops for Anisha from supermarket/local market nearby and ended up shopping 3 pcs of pillow covers which very attractive colors. They are factory rejects, means their fabrics are great but you know- there will be some holes in the corner side or some dots, etc .

My mind was diverted directly to making some pouches or even pencil case and i forgotten about her summer dress for a while..^_^

So up to now only 1 pouch has been made, and here it is. what do you think?

I told my dear friends bout this fabrics and Phiphi was suggested to make an easy baby skirt and a pillowcase dress .. voila here they are…again what do you think?

The stitching is not so perfect but at least wearable ^_^


Phiphi said...

Sooo ADORABLE..both the lil model of yours and the dress & skirt. Now you can easily make a bunch of summer dresses for her :).

smurfing-time said...

Love the crawling litle cute monster and of course the dress and skirt...so cute!