Monday, 11 May 2009

Hasta Karya

This cooper tote bag is made by me and a dear friend Agnes.. in one lazy summer day.
We were actually gathered just to have some lunch with her specialty menu of the day TUNA CURRY..:D She said she wanted to get rid of Tuna’s stock from her fridge.. as soon as possible.. isn’t that true dear? I’ll be happy to be your garbage delicious food anytime..:)I love her tuna’s curry anyway.. It's sooo yummie..:D

Well.. after having “heavy lunch” suddenly the tuna’s effect has come to us to create an idea of this bag.. A simple bag with ribbon embroidery work on front cover…
With the energy we had.. I was starting cut the fabrics.. and handed over the front side to her to be designed and ribbon embroidered.. well she experts in this!!

We were soo excited. I was starting stitch the inside line first and followed by the the outer side. After sometime, i got so exhausted due to the summer heat and the movement of baby in my well as our heavy lunch (please don’t blame our lunch tooooo often) hahaha

But finaly we were able to complete the bag..^_^ Check this our perdana bag..
inside part
Ready to go..:)

The next day... to complete a set of bag & pouch,

i made this cute pouch ..again designed by my dear friend and i did the work.. still with the same fabrics.. check it out..:D

So.. what do you think ??

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My first Pouchs..

Well, the story behind this pouches was because a dear friend of mine, she is really into a sewing, stitching and embroidery kind of stuffs..

First, I was so freak out to find out that she made gorgeous stuffs... she designs and makes it into real one fabulously.. with her 2 brats around.. ^_^ She did for sell or even for friends.. (i got one indeed..!!) thanks again.:) I asked her once that i wanted to learn to make one as well... As I got new "Singer Stitching Machine for my ADVANCE b'day's gift from my dear hubby last year.. :)

Soo.. with her tutor..... voila...!!

Not bad right....

Well, I got the cloths from street vendor who sells distach cloths on a suburb market in Mumbai where is available only every after 4 pm :)
It's kind of a fresh yellow cotton with brown bamboo style and inside lined with soft bright plain yellow cotton as well.. Sooo eye catching , don't they?? To make it stands strong, i lined them with thin sponge as well and there you go..

At first, i managed to finish it in 4 hrs.. and my husband keep pressuring me... "can you make it or not..?? " as i never ever stitch before.. don't have any courage and interest in stitching before.. but, after i tried this one..:D i have made 10 pouches for all my close friends n family... am freaking outt!!!

Here is the other one.. Still same model.. only cloths and size are bit different..

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ribbons & Laces

I got these eye catching ribbons while I staying was in New Delhi 2 years ago..I and other foreigner friends were hunting some good quality utensils and grocery for our own kitchen's stock indeed... but we were suddenly landed up in a place where all the vendors selling ribbons, laces, treads in bulk quantity in old Market of Delhi...

We were forgot the purpose why we came here, once we entered into one of the shops… It’s kind of old fashion shop with all the ribbons kept in a big tray under the glass’s show case in different of sizes, colors, and materials on the front side, while on another corner of the shop, they hung meters and meters of laces with different type of styles, colors, designs falling down almost covering the shop it self’s..:)

We had to pop our heads into those hanging bunch of laces and search for the shopkeeper, and finally found him behind those laces.. He came out and helped us in choosing and deciding which one should be taken.

So.. Voila…here are some of those ribbon and laces… What do you think..??