Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Let's learn stitching now

Horraay.. finally i found a stitching class where i can learn stitch and it is just around my locality.

Well, I have been looking for a while this "stitching class things" and they are mostly available somewhere a bit far from my home.. Where months back, I have delivered a baby girl and seem it’s more and more impossible for me to make it.

Though, times flies so fast and my little one is getting bigger and more independence with her toys and i would like to leave her at home with her granny for 1-2 hours daily as i wanted to teach and make her more socialized without me around. So I decided to join this class!

Rehana Sewing Class.. It's called and It's seems a local NGO's funded. Situated in a corner of 1st floor - a gated comunity, opposite crowded Malad's Market.

The teacher, Ms. Pooja seems not so good in English and we (me and my dear friend) Agnes Dyah Wijayanti are not soo good in Hindi nor Marathi (local language) but its not make us give up to learn.

After 5 mins long discussion among the students and Ms. Pooja, they asked us to come back on Monday to starts the class.. Excited!!

Now, we have finished couple of projects given by ms. Pooja such as Baby Jabla (simple baby top), Baby's panty, Baby's frock with frill, baby's umbrella's frock and adult's tunic's in on the way.)

Here are some quick snaps of them..:D

Wait our next project...:D Until then..

Sunday, 4 April 2010


One of the cakes that have been my favorite cake ever!! CARAMEL CAKE. Great to make in every occasion. It's very simple to make it.

I got this recipe from my old fav tabloid magazine " Tabloid Nova- 2007 edition". So before the original page will gone missing, inhere I want to save and share it.


- 400 Gram sugar
- 400 cc water
- 6 eggs
- 200 cc condense milk
- 150 gram margarines/butter
Flour Mixture:
- 75 gram Corn flour
- 135 gram Flour
- 1 teaspoon of soda cake
- 1 1/2 teaspoon of Backing Powder

To prepare cake:
1. Coat round cake pans with lightly margarine/butter and dust it with 1 tablespoon flour, Set aside.
2. Caramelized sugar in water set a side.
3. Beat margarine/butter until smooth and add the condensed milk.
4. Add egg one by one and stir till it well blended
5. Add flour mixture and beat again till well blended.
6. Pour the dough into coated pans and bake it in oven with 180 Celsius for 60 minutes.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tra la la Tra li li

Time is flying so fast, it is just like yesterday that I held my little one tightly in my arms, and now she has completed her 8th months and able to stands and grabs anything that interest her.

Last time i spoken to my hubby that she will run after our house maid "Shanti’s"' mopping bucket whenever she cleans and mops the house. In a second after I spoke and put her down on the floor, she crawled to the bucket to play with the water.:D

Anyway, now the weather in Mumbai has getting hot and hotter... plus humid and not to mention that summer has just begun...and I wanted to buy some summer dress/tops for Anisha from supermarket/local market nearby and ended up shopping 3 pcs of pillow covers which very attractive colors. They are factory rejects, means their fabrics are great but you know- there will be some holes in the corner side or some dots, etc .

My mind was diverted directly to making some pouches or even pencil case and i forgotten about her summer dress for a while..^_^

So up to now only 1 pouch has been made, and here it is. what do you think?

I told my dear friends bout this fabrics and Phiphi was suggested to make an easy baby skirt and a pillowcase dress .. voila here they are…again what do you think?

The stitching is not so perfect but at least wearable ^_^

Friday, 19 February 2010

My Giant Storage Bag

It's been quite sometime for me to search a storage box for my girl's toys. There are many items offered by locality malls nearby my home, with different variety and models, but they came up with great price! Though it was on sale seasons.

One day I went to a shop and surfed in one corner of baby’s stuffs and found a giant storage box which I really loved!

And suddenly I have an idea, why don't i make it myself? i got few fabrics laying in my wardrobe.

I surfed in net with my dear friend.. to get the tuto for this one.

Voila, though with my little energy (by having 7 month old infant) and time I had.. I finally managed to finished this bag..

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It is not so great, but at least it's useable..^_^