Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My first Pouchs..

Well, the story behind this pouches was because a dear friend of mine, she is really into a sewing, stitching and embroidery kind of stuffs..

First, I was so freak out to find out that she made gorgeous stuffs... she designs and makes it into real one fabulously.. with her 2 brats around.. ^_^ She did for sell or even for friends.. (i got one indeed..!!) thanks again.:) I asked her once that i wanted to learn to make one as well... As I got new "Singer Stitching Machine for my ADVANCE b'day's gift from my dear hubby last year.. :)

Soo.. with her tutor..... voila...!!

Not bad right....

Well, I got the cloths from street vendor who sells distach cloths on a suburb market in Mumbai where is available only every after 4 pm :)
It's kind of a fresh yellow cotton with brown bamboo style and inside lined with soft bright plain yellow cotton as well.. Sooo eye catching , don't they?? To make it stands strong, i lined them with thin sponge as well and there you go..

At first, i managed to finish it in 4 hrs.. and my husband keep pressuring me... "can you make it or not..?? " as i never ever stitch before.. don't have any courage and interest in stitching before.. but, after i tried this one..:D i have made 10 pouches for all my close friends n family... am freaking outt!!!

Here is the other one.. Still same model.. only cloths and size are bit different..


Anonymous said...

heheheh...I love the yellow one...very attractive color, said my hubby. You can put small stuffs inside and ready for Malad Darshan... :)

Woelan said...

Hahahah thanks alot my dear..:D