Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ribbons & Laces

I got these eye catching ribbons while I staying was in New Delhi 2 years ago..I and other foreigner friends were hunting some good quality utensils and grocery for our own kitchen's stock indeed... but we were suddenly landed up in a place where all the vendors selling ribbons, laces, treads in bulk quantity in old Market of Delhi...

We were forgot the purpose why we came here, once we entered into one of the shops… It’s kind of old fashion shop with all the ribbons kept in a big tray under the glass’s show case in different of sizes, colors, and materials on the front side, while on another corner of the shop, they hung meters and meters of laces with different type of styles, colors, designs falling down almost covering the shop it self’s..:)

We had to pop our heads into those hanging bunch of laces and search for the shopkeeper, and finally found him behind those laces.. He came out and helped us in choosing and deciding which one should be taken.

So.. Voila…here are some of those ribbon and laces… What do you think..??

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