Monday, 11 May 2009

Hasta Karya

This cooper tote bag is made by me and a dear friend Agnes.. in one lazy summer day.
We were actually gathered just to have some lunch with her specialty menu of the day TUNA CURRY..:D She said she wanted to get rid of Tuna’s stock from her fridge.. as soon as possible.. isn’t that true dear? I’ll be happy to be your garbage delicious food anytime..:)I love her tuna’s curry anyway.. It's sooo yummie..:D

Well.. after having “heavy lunch” suddenly the tuna’s effect has come to us to create an idea of this bag.. A simple bag with ribbon embroidery work on front cover…
With the energy we had.. I was starting cut the fabrics.. and handed over the front side to her to be designed and ribbon embroidered.. well she experts in this!!

We were soo excited. I was starting stitch the inside line first and followed by the the outer side. After sometime, i got so exhausted due to the summer heat and the movement of baby in my well as our heavy lunch (please don’t blame our lunch tooooo often) hahaha

But finaly we were able to complete the bag..^_^ Check this our perdana bag..
inside part
Ready to go..:)

The next day... to complete a set of bag & pouch,

i made this cute pouch ..again designed by my dear friend and i did the work.. still with the same fabrics.. check it out..:D

So.. what do you think ??


Phiphi said...

awwwww....I love the's just too cute...Agnes, you must come and teach me too yaa...:P

Aunt LoLo said...

The pouch turned out so nice!!! Good job. :-) (I came over from Phiphi's blog. :-))

Wulan said...

Thanks ladies..:D

It's nice knowing you aunt Lolo.:D
Tk care

Little Birdie Secrets said...

These are beautiful!

Selly Ihda said...

mba wulan baguuuuusss..suka suka suka...
btw btw aku mo shopping bahan..baru keinget gara2 liat blog..dmn kah yg bagus2 dan murah tentunya ;p